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I'm Michelle - ocean enthusiast, taco devourer, and potty mouth. Here at The Artful Ambler, I'm hoping to inspire and inform women to help them find their "mom-self balance" by sharing my experience and exploration in fashion, beauty, home life, and travel. Head over here to get the nitty gritty on me and my fam, or hit me up on social via the links below!

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Doing my best to provide functional outfit inspiration and style advice that helps moms to look and feel their best.

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With a focus on great skincare and natural makeup, I'm working to find the best products to help mamas make the most out of their beauty routine.



Making my way around the Austin area and beyond! I'm looking for the best places to visit with the family, or to discover on your own! You can expect to find lots of fun from Texas and California, with the rest of the U.S., and international travels to come ASAP!

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family & lifestyle

Slowing down to appreciate life's little moments. For me, this means making everyday life a little more efficient so I can take the time to spend with those I love, doing things I care about. I'll have tips on getting organized, family meals, fun with the kids, hosting parties, physical/mental health, and self-care. Plus, I'll be sharing our slow but steady journey to becoming more eco-friendly.


work with me

I'm always down to collaborate! I am taking inquiries regarding guest posting, as well as brand partnerships for all areas of my blog. Please contact me via e-mail to request a media kit or more information.

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