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about the blog

My goal with The Artful Ambler is to help other women find what I like to call "mom-self balance." Like work-life balance, but on the next level. Because being a mom is work (duh).

Originally I started this blog as a way to get out my comfort zone and put myself out there to possibly meet new people. But I also wanted to provide real value to women like myself - to bond with them, and help them. But after thinking about it, I realized that I didn't know who those "women like myself" were. I knew they were moms, around 25-35 years old; but other than that, I had no idea. And then it hit me: I didn't know who those women were because I didn't know who I was. In taking on the role of mother, I forgot to grow myself as a woman (you can read more about the whole journey in this post).

So, in understanding that, I realized that I needed to provide content that would help women not only at home with their families, but in taking care of themselves as well. I also realized that I wanted to provide a place where women could hear personal stories so they know that they're not alone if they feel like they've lost themselves, or if they feel guilty/selfish for wanting to invest more in themselves.

With that said, you can expect to find fashion, beauty, food, home, parenting, self-care, fitness, and mental health all covered on this blog, in a way that is specifically designed to target your biggest pain points or needs as a mom looking for that balance between motherhood and womanhood. Plus, some extra outfit inspo, because photo shoots are fun!

I'm so stoked that you're here, and I cannot wait to get to know you better! Seriously, I'd love to chat! Hit me up here, or follow me on social media for more fun!

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About me

Hey, how's it going?! I'm Michelle Fehrenbach, founder and author of The Artful Ambler. I'm a thirty-something California girl who put down roots in Texas with my three dorky littles and my hunk of a hubby.

I grew up in Central California and spent some time living in San Diego before I married my Marine and his job took us to Japan for three years. After he finished his military service, we settled down here in Austin, TX, where I studied fashion design. After working in retail for a couple years, we had our third little one, and I decided to again be a stay-at-home-mom. Three babies in three different locations around the globe. We've been a bit busy, so now I'm working on settling down and enjoying life.

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my core values

Humor and Humility
These go hand-in-hand for me, because I think that laughter is the number one key to happiness, and I was raised to be humble above all else. I think that in order to have humility, you have to be able to laugh at yourself, so these values are mutually inclusive, in my eyes. 

I think in today's society filled with Instagram filters and keyboard wars, it is especially important to try to be tactfully honest. Obviously there is a time and a place for certain details, but I think being honest with others and with yourself is key to maintaining good relationships, whether they be professional, marital, or anywhere in between.

This is a value that I aspire to show on a daily basis. Being someone who deals with depression and anxiety, I can get pretty negative, so I have to make a consistent effort to radiate joy within and bring it to others as well.

fun (and weird) facts

  1. I love all kinds of music, but metal is my favorite.
  2. My limbs are awkwardly long, so I can oft be caught with t-rex arms (see the photo at left).
  3. Hubby and I are huge sci-fi/anime nerds, as well as gamers. We're currently watching Fullmetal Alchemist while we anxiously await the new season of Doctor Who. We can usually be found talking shit to each other over Borderlands 2 when we find the time for gaming.
  4. I cannot make up my mind when it comes to my hair. Long, short, bangs, no bangs, turquoise, pink, brunette. Can't pick something and stick to it. Currently I'm rocking bleach blonde and a side shave, but that will probably change come fall.
  5. I heavily associate memories with food. As in, I could probably remember what I ate for my second wedding anniversary dinner better than I could remember when my doctor's appointment is next week. #fatty