The 5 Best Places for Uniquely Chic Christmas Tree Ornaments


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Happy Thursday!

Most of you have probably gotten your Christmas decorations up already, but in case you’re lazy (or busy!) like me, I wanted to share some of my favorite places to snag some unique ornaments for your beloved Christmas tree.

Now, I believe there is a formula to good design and/or decorating, and my formula for decorating a Christmas tree is as follows:

Plenty of warm white lights + Glittery garlands + A smattering of color-coordinated ornaments + A curated selection of unique ornaments + The perfect tree topper

Call me silly, but I think that the “unique” ornaments are the single most important part of any Christmas tree. Allow me to explain. Regardless of whether you celebrate Christmas for religious reasons, the tree has significant symbolism. It is the place where we gather Christmas morning to exchange gifts and show thanks for our family and friends. And the ornaments on our trees say a lot about us as individuals or families.

For example, the golden Eagle, Globe and Anchor on our tree signifies my husband’s service in the Marine Corps, and reminds me of how grateful I am to have him home every year for the holidays. The gilded maple leaf gifted by my sister makes me think of her, and of my love for nature. And Han Solo atop his Tauntaun tells everyone that we’re geeky AF, and proud of it.

I like to try and pick a new funky ornament each year, so I’m always poking around for the best ones. These stores have my favorites so far this year, and have some pretty darn good deals, to boot. Scroll on down for the goodies!

Pottery Barn

The mix of ornaments at Pottery Barn has just the right mix of funky eclecticism and sleek traditionalism. They’re also having a pretty sweet sale, so that helps, too! I’m dying to grab that Chinese take-out container. My mom had a huge love of Chinese culture when I was growing up, and wouldn’t ya know it, I ended up snagging a half-Taiwanese guy for a husband. So the take-out container is perfect! Although, no take-out can beat Ama’s hand-made dumplings.

West elm

West Elm always has interesting pieces at great prices. Although they have plenty of ornaments with bolder color palettes, I’m a huge fan of these minimalist, abstract pieces (and the glittery shark). I especially love the ringed ornament, which is actually hand-crafted by artisans in Guatemala, using sun-dried pine needles and silver wire. How awesome is that?! It’s like a mini MOMA on your Christmas tree!


I mean, what isn’t Target good for, amirite? I love that all of these pieces have their own little bit of quirkiness, but are still understated enough to not be tacky and detract from the rest of your decor. I’m not going to decorate my tree in burnt orange, but what would a Christmas tree in Austin be without a little longhorn love?


These are definitely the least budget-friendly on this list, but Anthropologie is my favorite place to go for anything interesting and unique, so I had to include these on the list. I mean, how cute is that little pearl in the oyster?! And the confetti weenie dog? And the bottle-brush raccoon? Be still, my heart! If have some room in your budget to splurge a little on an ornament, Anthro is definitely the place to do it.

urban outfitters

Last, but definitely not least-funky, we have Urban Outfitters. The perfect store if you want to turn the weird up to 11. I just love the lucky cat because it makes me think of our time in Japan. And I pretty much live for a sparkly glass of champagne during the holidays, so there’s that. These are in the middle on price. There are some more splurge-y items, and some pretty budget-friendly pieces as well. But cute stuff all around!

Well, that’s it for me this week! Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you next week with some holiday outfit inspiration! Don’t forget to comment below and let me know what your favorite Christmas tree ornament is! Also, if you click the little heart underneath the ornaments, you can sign up for a ShopStyle account and get notified when it goes on sale! Hop to it!

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