Destructed Denim and (Knockoff) Nude Rockstuds

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It's Friday, y'all!

I'm both excited and not-too-excited about that. On one hand, we have had a rough week with 3 out of 5 Fehrenbachs sick with some nasty bronchitis/meningitis/ear infection demon spawn from hell, so I'm glad that we're getting to the tail end of that.

On the other hand, daddy has a game jam coming up, which means he'll be stuck on the computer alllllll weekend long. Including Mother's Day, which means I get to spend more time with the kiddos, yay! :|

Good thing is, Mama Ming (aka my M.I.L.) and I got to go out shopping the other day, and we spoiled ourselves with some new goodies, including these Jessica Simpson Rockstud dupes. So thankfully I've got some fun semi-casual weekend outfit inspiration for you!

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Guys, I have been wanting a pair of these for a long-ass time (haven't we all?). So when we passed by them in DSW, I stopped dead. And there's a funny story about this, so I'll elaborate.

We had been looking for some shoes for Mama Ming, but she is super petite, and good shoes are hard to find in her size. We had given up on finding shoes that would work for her, so we casually strolled around to see if I wanted to grab something.

I stopped by these and tried on both this pair and a white pair with silver studs. I opted for the nude since I just bought white shoes, but Mama Ming loved the white ones. So she goes...

"it would be nice if they had them in my size..."

...and sure enough, right as she said it, she turned around and saw them in her size right on top of the pile.

So now we have the cutest matching shoes, and the next time we go out for dinner, we are Instagramming that shit!


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(This is what I do when he tells me to "do something fashion-y.")


So Thursday we had to do a last-minute/super-short shoot, so we decided to head over to our favorite pizza spot and fuel up with some grub and beer before trying to sneak in some shots of my outfit.

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There are lots of great pizzas here, but the San Jose really takes the pie (get it? Ahhh, I crack myself up). It's got sweet corn, jalapeño, chorizo, fresh tomato, cilantro, sharp cheddar, green onions, and comes with a wedge of lime to give it a little extra zest. Sounds weird, but it all makes sense when it's in yo' mouth.

I also really love the North Shore, which is like a fancy Hawaiian pizza. Which is not usually my thing, but it so works here.

OKAY, I'm moving on to clothes now.

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It took me foreverrr to find a shirt that I felt was acceptable to wear with the shoes and jeans. It was laundry day, and I was not expecting to have these shoes for the shoot, so I had something completely different planned.

Luckily, I ran across this old gem that I had sewn up awhile back and completely forgot about. I'm so happy that polka dots are back in right now, and this top does a great job of modernizing a classic, preppy print like polka dots. Don't worry, I did find a similar option, as well as some other really cute polka-dot tops for you!

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I see you making that face right now. That one that says "WTF is she doing in this picture and why does she think she's a fashion blogger?". Let's get one thing straight, mofos:

I am not coordinated, nor will I ever be.

Therefore, you will be seeing wonky photos of me trying to turn around and almost falling over (such as this one). Sometimes they will be the best photos I have to show you of the bag that I paired with my new shoes. Sorrynotsorry.

P.S.: These shoes are actually incredibly comfortable, despite the way the way they look.

P.P.S.: You can also catch this bag, along my favorite white mules, in this post.

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Thought I'd throw this one in for good measure just because I really liked this building and this big oak tree.

So! Scroll on down and grab my outfit deets below, and let me know what your favorite Rockstud dupes are in the comments! Or let me know your favorite way to style your Rockstuds! I'll be needing all the outfit inspiration I can get!

Much Love,


outfit details:

  • Top: Handmade. Similar here. Other cute ones here and here.
  • Jeans: Old Navy, $40
  • Shoes: Jessica Simpson at DSW, $69
  • Bag: A New Day at Target, $20
  • Sunglasses: Hot Topic, sold out. Similar here and here.
  • Necklace: Target, sold out. Similar here and here.
  • Earrings: H&M, $6