9 Totally Chic and Not Cheesy Mommy-and-Me Dresses

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In honor of Mother's Day this past weekend, I thought it might be apropos to talk about dressing our daughters. Now, of course dressing our sons is fun as well, and I seriously can't get over baby bowties and newsboy caps (heart eyes), but there is a special bond that is shared between a mother and a daughter over clothing.

Whether you're more of a tomboy, or a total girly-girl, I think every mom has an innate instinct to create a "mini-me" of sorts in their daughter. Whether you take this completely literally and decide to match your baby exactly depends on you. Let me start by saying...

I am not one of those moms.

There's nothing wrong with being one of those moms, I just don't have my shit together enough to go buy perfectly matching outfits with my babes and then actually have them washed on the same day. The idea of achieving that level of perfection is totally beyond me. I'm more of a coordinating kind of gal, if I even manage to have clean clothes. Ya feel me?

Now. Being more of a coordinating kind of gal, I've picked out some mommy-and-me dresses that will look super chic and put-together without looking like you're trying too hard.

I've included dresses for older girls, toddler girls, and baby girls, so you should be able to find something no matter what age your mini-me is at. And the best part? You can find all of these dresses at the same stores (just click on each photo for the direct link). You're welcome. So let's get on with it before they sell out!

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White floral dresses (old navy)

I have been eyeing this Swedish-inspired floral print at Old Navy for the longest time, and when I saw that they had the same print for girls, I lost it. The toddler and baby versions are a little different from mama's, but I think they're even cuter. Hurry though, because those toddler dresses  are selling out FAST.

Embroidered eyelet dresses in coral tones (gap)

I just adore this embroidered coral eyelet dress from Gap, and I think that each of these more salmon-toned girls' dresses would compliment it nicely without being too matchy-matchy.

overall dresses (gap)

I'm not too sure about overall dresses on myself (hellooooo, huge hips!), but I think some women totally rock them, and of course they're just adorable as can be on the little ones. Gap didn't have a version for baby, but I think this chambray jumper works nicely as a substitute. Also, OshKosh has this completely adorable floral version, because they're OshKosh, duhhh.

Lemon yellow floral dresses (Old Navy)

Okay, so the mommy version of this dress is no longer available (THANKS MOTHER'S DAY SALE!), but I found another navy/yellow floral dress that works really well. The best part about this is that even though the girls' dresses are the exact same print, they all have different-colored backgrounds. The pink dress for girls does come in navy, as well, and they have the same print on some shorts for women, although I can't say that I'm a huge fan of them.

Airy White Summer Dresses (Gap)

Wearing all-white freaks me out, because my kids are bound to ruin it in .000024682 seconds, but if you're going to do it, you might as well be stylish about it. The little details on these are what makes them work so well; just the right amount of ruffle or lace or embroidery adds the perfect touch.

classic chambray dresses (old navy)

Are you sensing a trend here, yet? Old Navy is really f**king awesome for mommy-and-me clothes. And you can't go wrong with a classic chambray. I love the cuffed sleeves on the girls' dress, and the little embroidered ruffle sleeves on the baby romper. I literally can't even.

nautical stripe dresses (H&M)

H&M is a little more difficult when doing mommy-and-me dressing because they don't really have matching prints. There are a lot of similar pieces, but you have to work a little to find them. I think my favorite of these dresses is the toddler dress, since it has the floral overlay to spice it up a bit. But they still all work really well for mommy-and-me style.

Vertical blue stripe dresses (old navy)

These prints are all just the tiniest bit different, but the ruffles and ties help to link them all in together. And how freaking adorable is that baby romper?! Agh!

red print dresses (H&M)

This was the only set I couldn't find a baby version for (told you H&M was tough). But I really like the classic look of this wrap dress, and I thought the girls' and toddler's versions we just too cute to pass up. They aren't perfect matches, but close enough to pull off. and what could be more chic than red?

How do you feel about mommy-and-me dressing? Do you swear by it, or are you more of a play-it-by-ear kind of mama like me? Let me know in the comments! And be sure to share this on Pinterest!

P.S.: If you're looking for more mommy-and-me styles, you can shop Old Navy's "Mini Me" section for all of their matching prints. Super helpful!

Much Love,