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Summer Graphic Tees that are Actually Cool

For this Wishlist Wednesday, I wanted to talk about a California style essential: the graphic tee. Now, I see a lot of stuff on Pinterest talking about "California girl style" that references boho maxi dresses and crocheted tops or peasant blouses. But let me tell you about real California-girl style…

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Friday's Outfit of the Day: A Jumpsuit for Tall Girls

It's Friday! We made it to San Diego yesterday, and if all goes as planned (since I'm writing this in advance), I am currently either sleeping in or doing some morning yoga, and will have my toes in the sand in approximately two hours. As for today’s actual OOTD, you can see it on Instagram!

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Anti-Trendy Sunglasses

My primary focus in fashion is to wear things that make me feel great while still being comfortable and functional (which I feel is most women's goal). So if a trend doesn't make sense to me, I'm not going to go along with it, much less invest money into it, no matter how popular it is. I feel that this sentiment is particularly relevant to this season's sunglasses.

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