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In-n-Out Burger and the First Outfit of Summer

What do you do when it’s hot AF outside and you haven’t eaten lunch, and you only have an hour to shoot your OOTD post? Head to In-n-Out for a quintessentially California photo shoot, of course. Because what goes better with denim cutoffs and flip flops than an Animal-Style cheeseburger?

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9 Totally Chic and Not Cheesy Mommy-and-Me Dresses

In honor of Mother's Day this past weekend, I thought it might be apropos to talk about dressing our daughters. Now, of course dressing our sons is fun as well, and I seriously can't get over baby bowties and newsboy caps (heart eyes), but there is a special bond that is shared between a mother and a daughter over clothing.

Whether you're more of a tomboy, or a total girly-girl, I think every mom has an innate instinct to create a "mini-me" of sorts in their daughter. Whether you take this completely literally and decide to match your baby exactly depends on you.

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A Shirt Dress and Trench for a Rainy Day

Happy Friday, dudes! It's time for the first OOTD post of May!

I'm not gonna lie, we have been getting some pretty garbage weather here in Austin this week. Eighty degrees and raining is not exactly my cup of tea. 


I was actually a little excited when it was drizzly out on Tuesday when we went to shoot, because it meant that I actually had an excuse to wear my Burberry trench.

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Ivory Mules and the Comfiest Tie-Front Top

Finally, it's the weekend! We have a birthday celebration tonight so I'm currently trying to figure out what to wear for that. In the mean time, I've got some weekend outfit inspiration for you!

Hubby had to go down to the VA the other day, which is all the way down by the airport (40 miles from our house - in case you're not aware, nothing is ever convenient or even remotely efficient for Veterans), so we made the most of it and hung out on South Congress for the day.

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Wishlist Wednesday 04.18

It's another Wishlist Wednesday! This week I'm a little spastic with my picks, as it's been a busy week and my brain is just all over the place. Let's get to it!

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