Spring Update!

Happy April!

So it's been awhile, eh?

I have to apologize for not keeping you guys updated more often! There's been so much going on, and I haven't exactly had a plethora of time on my hands. Between school and work, I've barely had time to write a full post for the blog. I have, however, been a little more active on Instagram; so if you're not following me there already, go do it!

Anyway, I wanted to post an update, in hopes that it will grease the wheels for me to get back on a semi-regular posting schedule.

First thing's first: I got a job! Well, a day job, anyway. With the housing market booming like crazy in the Austin area, our property taxes became too ridiculous, and it just wasn't feasible to have a single-income household anymore. So I snagged a job with the State, and now we're living much more comfortably. Whew!

Secondly, I started school again! After going back and forth for what seemed like forever, I decided that accounting, which I was originally going to school for, was the best path for me to get a solid, sustainable career. Originally I was going to just work on getting a certificate through our local community college, but then I found Western Governor's University, which works perfectly with my lifestyle as a parent and a full-time employee, and the tuition is flat-rate. Whaaaat? So, in about another year and a half, I should have my Bachelor's in Accounting. Woo!

Thirdly, WE. ARE. GOING. TO. LONDOOOON! Since it's our ten-year anniversary coming up, and we scored on our tax return this year, we decided to splurge on a five-day trip, and check England off our bucket list. So, if you've been to London and have any tips for traveling, hit me up in the comments!

Last, but not least, we have two birthdays coming up this week! For those of you who don't know, Abby and Elliot (our two youngest turds) were both born on the same day. Elliot will be turning two this year, and Abby is going to be five. I can't believe how fast the time has gone by, but I guess that's the standard when you're a mom.

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and give you a quick update! I'm going to work on getting some more posts together for you soon, but I won't promise anything until I have a more solid schedule lined up.

Comment below and let me know how you all have been doing!

Much Love,