well, shit.

The post I had planned for you guys today was going to be “Classic Cocktails for St. Pattie’s When You’re Sick of Green Beer,” or something like that. I’m Irish on my Mother’s side and truly appreciate the simplicity of a good straight whiskey, or stout.

But as they say, we make plans, and God… well, He makes other plans.

My grandfather passed away yesterday after suffering a heart attack. It was sudden, but that’s how he would have wanted it, and he was able to pass with all of his children and my sweet grandmother nearby. 

Grandpa 3.jpg

It was like having a second dad. The man that, alongside my dad, helped teach me how to fish and how to appreciate nature and animals. The first pistol I ever shot was his .38 special revolver from when he was a Park Ranger. He and Grandma would take me to feed the horses at the University’s Agriculture center, and ever since then, I was obsessed with them.

Grandpa 1.jpg

There was never a shortage of love in their house, as evidenced by the tradition of smothering grand-babies and great-grand-babies (my oldest, Zoe, pictured above) with lots of kisses.

Grandpa 2.jpg

He was a man who truly appreciated life and lived it to its fullest. I will miss him dearly. On that note, I’ll leave you guys with what the Irish really drink.


A good shot of whiskey and a Guinness. These are standard whether you’re mourning or celebrating, and I’ll be doing both today, in remembrance of a great man.

Much Love,