My Fall Momiform, Vol. 2


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Okay, guys. I almost didn’t get this one up today because we had ALL the issues yesterday. Little man had a random, weird fever after he woke up from his nap and was super cranky (he’s good now, thankfully). Then our internet was having issues. Turns out somebody unplugged the modem, and my genious ass thought to restart the modem/router, but not to check if they were actually plugged in. I am seriously so glad tomorrow is Friday.

Moving along, I thought I’d continue my “momiform” series for you. Again, these are taken in front of my garage because I am just struggling with waking up early enough to get anywhere for a decent shoot. Also, it was hot AF yesterday at 8:30 in the morning (go figure), and I didn’t feel like straying too far from the house.

I promise I’m actually going to work on getting out for some proper shoots soon so you guys have something to look at other than my ugly brown garage.


style over 30

Anyway. This outfit is probably my favorite for running errands in, as it’s super comfy and functional when you’re herding little ones. I’m not gonna lie, I love heels and wedges, but I cannot chase kids in them, so sneakers, flip flops and flats are what I wear 90% of the time. So let’s move on to the formula!

fall momiform outfit formula #2:

striped tee or tank + long-line cardigan + black denim + high-top sneakers

On Tuesday, I listed high-tops as one of my essential fall wardrobe items. Why? Because a.) everyone loves a good sneaker, and b.) they’re probably the easiest way to add functional style to a casual look. They won’t protect you as good as a pair of rain boots will, but if you get caught in a sudden shower, you’re not going to wind up with soggy feet.

Athleisure is a trend that is still going strong, so there’s no better time to get use out of your high-tops than right now.

Also, chances are quite likely that you’ll be able to coordinate with your kiddos, if that’s how you roll (check out little skater dude over to the right! I’ll have details on his outfit below, too.).

mom uniform

The tee/tank doesn’t have to be striped, but I think it definitely helps to add a bit of interest to an otherwise neutral outfit. Of course if your cardigan is striped, don’t do stripes on stripes. That’s just no bueno however you look at it.

You can also vary tee/tank and the weight of your cardigan depending on the weather. This would work equally well with a finer-knit cardigan and tank if the weather is on the warmer side and you just want an extra layer.

Finally, although I said it was a good outfit for running errands, you could also dress this up a little bit for a casual date. Grab a pair of coated denim, pick a finer gauge knit for the cardigan, and pair that with leather for the hi-tops and you’ve got yourself a comfy/cute outfit to impress yo man with!

If you need a little inspiration, scroll on down for a few ideas that I put together!


Variations on the formula:



That’s it for me this week! Keep scrolling for outfit deets for both me and Elliot. Otherwise, I hope you all have the best weekend ever!

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outfit details:



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