Command Center Organization for Small Spaces

Happy Tuesday!

By now, most of our kids have been back to school for a couple weeks already, or we just sent them back to school. So now that we've got all of our shopping out of the way, I want to talk about the next big thing that I think plagues a lot of moms around this time:

Getting the family organized.

Now, a lot of people like to do spring cleaning, or make New Year's resolutions, but to me, back-to-school is like a fresh start. It's almost a pre-cursor to the actual new year; a time to get our shit together before the holiday season hits us like a brick in the face. So, in the spirit of getting our shit together, I thought I'd tell you about our family command center and how we (try to) stay organized as a family.

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command center organization

Now, before I get into details, I should tell you that, although our house isn't small, it's not as big as a lot of the houses with those big mud rooms with built-in cabinets and shit. Our garage leads directly into the "foyer," which is really more of a short, T-shaped hallway next to the staircase. This means, that we have little to no room for a coat rack and/or entry table.

It's up to you how to organize your space, obviously, but I think this works really well for those with a smaller, more open floor plan, and younger kids. Also, like 98% of the products we used to create this family organization center were purchased from Target, so you can head over and get similar (if not the same) items now, if you wanted!

Here's how we laid out all the different sections in our drop zone:


entryway organization



The girls' backpacks hang right above the shoe rack for easy access. We used these Command hooks here. My only complaint is that I wish they sold them in a gold/brass so I could match them to the rest of the command center. But a can of spray paint can fix that real quick, whenever I decide to stop being lazy

For the girls' jackets, we do have a coat closet, but of course that doesn't do much good when they're not tall enough to reach the bar! So we installed more Command hooks opposite the coat closet to conserve room on the main organization wall.

We use a 3-shelf cubby for the kids' shoes, so all of them have their own spot. This one was found at a yard sale, but there is a similar, inexpensive one here at Target. We used to have all the family's shoes here, but that got crowded after awhile, so we added in this shoe rack because it was the cheapest I could find, haha. I'm not gonna lie, guys. This area gets a little ridiculous with the shoes, so I got a longer shelf so that I don't have to spend as much time putting shoes away. They do have a shorter one available if you're really limited on space.

family organization

MOM & DAD'S STUFF, paperwork, etc.

family drop zone



Hubby and I put our goodies on this little rack (in the top left of the photo), which was a customizable system that we got from Target. This one seems to have been discontinued, unfortunately, but there is a similar rack here. He puts his keys and wallet in the basket, and I hang my purse and jacket or the dogs' leashes on the hooks.

We use this dry erase calendar and bulletin board to keep track of any important events, and to corral ALL THE FRICKIN PAPERS we get from the girls' school. You can find the calendar here, and the cork board here. I also like this option, and this option, which combine the two. 


how to organize home office





I grabbed this little mail holder to make sure that our mail doesn't pile up on the counter. It's not technically meant to be wall-mounted, but I said eff that, and slapped a couple of Command strips on, and called it a day.

We also have a small chore chart for the girls so we can keep track of them. When they get older, I'll have to find something a little bigger and more extensive, but for now this one works pretty nicely for us. It comes with these little star magnets that you can use to track their progress, which I love!

Last but not least, I wanted to include a sort of catch-all basket just in case we come in with random things from the car and don't put them away at first. We have a minivan, and if you have one, you know how messy they can get! So every once in awhile I'll have the kids gather whatever they can and just put it in the basket when they come in the door, then we can sort through and put things away when we have time.

One thing I would like to add to the command center is a waste basket, so I have an easy spot to stash the junk mail when it comes in. However, I think we'll wait until we don't have a toddler to add that one in.

When the kids get older and we need more space for homework, etc., I'd like to add a set of wall pockets like these to the mix.

That's about it for today! Have a great day!

Much Love,