Summer Staples on a Colorful Backdrop

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Casual Summer Outfit (2 of 3).jpg

I'm gonna get straight to it and tell you that I'd be lying if I said I was excited to do this shoot. It's getting to be in the mid- to high nineties, and with the humidity here, it feels more like 105. In other words,

Not great conditions for a fashion shoot.

Seriously, I was sweating my ass off, and miraculously, it didn't show in the photos. Phew! Anyway, we usually aren't able to get out in the mornings for a shoot, so we make the most of it by finding slightly shady areas. Thankfully, our timing was just right to take advantage of the beautiful wall outside of the Erin Condren store.

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Does anyone else use the EC LifePlanner? I friggin love it! I was on a budget for my planner this year, so I got a different one, but I treated myself to some cute shiny stickers from the store after our shoot. Happy dance!

Also, you might not be able to tell, but my eyes were watering super bad in the above shot. Eddie to told me to look out at the street, and it was so bright, my eyes were screaming in agony. That's also why I'm kind of squinting. Yeesh.

Casual Summer Outfit (3 of 3).jpg

Even my little buddy was warm, and he was in the shade the entire time! My poor little fair-skinned babies get all flushed in .0002 seconds in the humidity. He might look like it, but he's not actually sunburned here.

Casual Summer Outfit (4 of 8).jpg

Have you guys tried the luxe tees from Old Navy yet? These things are my go-to this summer. They are so soft and light, and they have the perfect relaxed fit. My linen shorts are also from Old Navy, and they are the comfiest things ever!

Casual Summer Outfit (2 of 8).jpg

Last week I talked about the cute pink pom pom earrings I got from Target for like $8. This week I wore the other adorable pair that I got (also for $8!) that day. These gold leaf earrings are so chic; a great balance of minimalism, tropical whimsy, and glamour, you can really wear them with just about anything.

Buxom Cosmetics

My watch, which you've seen before, is from Cluse. I love them because their watches are so clean and simple, for an amazing price! I'm stuck between this one and this one for my next piece.

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One thing not a lot of fashion bloggers talk about is how awkward it is sometimes is to do photo shoots in totally random, average places. People will walk by and stare at you like you're a zoo animal, and you're like, "no I'm not pretending to be a celebrity, I promise." 

On the other hand, you have people like the sweet gal (employee) in the Erin Condren store who ran up to me when I came in and said "OMG I'm so glad you came in; I was wanting to run outside and tell you that we think your outfit is so cute and we were totally fan-girling over you!"

If you didn't notice in the photos, there are giant windows on that wall and I was strutting back and forth in front of them for a good thirty minutes for all of the store to see. Hahaha. Thankfully, they were all super sweet and I don't think I've ever been more flattered in my life. Definitely going back.

Anyway, now that you've heard the entire story of my Tuesday afternoon, I'll get to the good stuff...

Casual Summer Outfit (5 of 8).jpg

Outfit Deets:

Tank Top: Old Navy, $17 (on SALE for $10!).

Shorts: Old Navy, $23 (on SALE for $15!).

Sandals: also Old Navy, $20.

Bag: Forever 21, sold out. Similar here and here.

Earrings: Target, $8.

Watch: Cluse, $94.

Sunglasses: Hot Topic, sold out. Similar here and here.

Makeup: Both eye/face and lips are from Target (lip color is 25 - Heroine).

That's all for now! Have a great weekend!!

Much Love,