Anti-Trendy Sunglasses

I don't know about you, but I'm not one to blindly follow trends. My parents will always tell the story of the day I showed up to second grade wearing a sundress over a t-shirt, with combat boots, much to my mother's chagrin. Then the next week, all the other girls were wearing the same thing.

My primary focus in fashion is to wear things that make me feel great while still being comfortable and functional (which I feel is most women's goal). So if a trend doesn't make sense to me, I'm not going to go along with it, much less invest money into it, no matter how popular it is.

I feel that this sentiment is particularly relevant to this season's sunglasses. Have you seen the tiny, colored lenses? I mean what is this, the friggin Matrix? Yeeesh. I actually would like to shield my eyes from the SUN, thankyouverymuch.

On that note, I decided to find some newer variations on old classics that are still functional, but not at all boring. Let's get to it!

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Matte & Frosted

This is such a simple idea that makes a huge difference. Taking a humble pair of black or tortoise shell glasses and giving the frames a matte finish elevates them from cheap and basic to super-chic.

I've been obsessed with finding a good pair of black square sunglasses (thanks to my idol, Heidi Merrick), and I ran across this pair from Le Specs (pictured below), which got me thinking about the matte/frosted look. 

I found several other pairs that do a great job of putting a twist on classic styles with just the simple change in finish. Check out my favorites:


The New Cat Eye

This season is all about the retro cat eye, but I favor the new styles that I've been seeing everywhere, which are slim, highly angular, and often seen with reflective lenses. I love the ultra-modern look that these lend to a traditionally feminine style.

The blue Dior pair are wayyyy out of my budget, but I had to include them because they are so freaking cool! I've included some other, more affordable pairs, though, if you're like me ;)


Transparency was actually a huge trend last year with sunglasses, but it was more straightforward, with most styles being straight-up clear with no tint. This year, they're getting a bit of an update with smoky styles (like the Alexander McQueen pair below), and other accents like tortoise shell. Check out my favorites!

That's it for my favorite sunglasses this season! What styles are you wearing this year? Let me know in the comments!

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