The Five Best Makeup Palettes for Travel

Happy Hump Day! This week for Wishlist Wednesday, I'm talking about the best makeup palettes for travel. Last week in my Packing Tips post, I talked about bringing toiletry products that have multiple uses so that you can get more bang for your buck in your toiletry bag. 

One way to do that is to bring a makeup palette that has multiple products in it. I started using the Posh palette by Karity, and have been loving it's versatility, even thought it's technically just an eyeshadow palette. the Audrey and Marilyn shades work well as bronzer and highlighter, respectively, and Winona works well as an eyeliner. This palette also comes with a large, sturdy mirror, which is a great bonus. 

That got me thinking about other palettes that might also be great for travel to save on space. Here's what I found:

NYX: The Go-To Palette

$17 at Target

This is a nice, slim kit that has some great basics in it - six neutral eyeshadows, as well as one each of blush, highlighter, and bronzer, make for a super simple palette that's perfect for a beautiful summer glow. NYX also offers this palette in a moodier shade range, if you need something for autumn, or a glamorous occasion. At $17 a pop, this palette is super affordable, and it's extra-slim for packing in a carry-on.

Profusion: Pro Face Professional Eye Kit

$13 at Target

I also purchased this one recently, as it is a new brand at Target, and I wanted to see if their products are any good. Let me tell you, for a $12 palette, I was really impressed with this product. It not only offers 20 shades of eyeshadow, but bronzers, blush, and highlighter, in addition to eyeshadow powder and wax. It actually has pretty darn good color payoff for being so inexpensive. I would definitely use an eyeshadow primer and some setting spray, as this product doesn't have a ton of staying power; but it definitely is a great deal for such a low price. 

It is a hefty palette, being about an inch-and-a-half thick, but with all the products it replaces, you'll have plenty of extra room in your makeup bag. Plus, it comes with a blush and eyeshadow brush, and you could even slide a lip or eye pencil in the brush area to save on space.

Profusion also offers the Glam Face Makeup Case, and the Eye & Cheek Makeup Palette, which are great if you need something more compact.

Pacifica: Solar Complete Color Mineral Palette

$32 at Target

Pacifica is one of my favorite brands for natural beauty. Their beachy color themes and amazing scents make their skincare and makeup feel like ultimate luxury at a really reasonable price. This palette offers six eyeshadows, one blush, one bronzer, and three creamy highlighters.

At $32, it's one of the pricer options here, but if you care for vegan, cruelty-free beauty, this is the one for you!

Tarte: Shape Your Money Maker Eye & Cheek Palette

$32 at Ulta

I haven't personally tried this palette, but Tarte is well known for their fantastic pigmentation, and I think this kit is the perfect compact offering for a travel makeup bag. With a highlighter, bronzer, three matte and three metallic eyeshadows, it has everything you need to get a golden glow for summer. As you may well know, Tarte is a higher-end brand, so this palette is a little more costly at $32. But if the reviews are any indication, it's a worthy investment!

Smashbox: #shapmatters palette

$55 at Sephora

This one is the priciest in the bunch at $55, but Smashbox is well-known for their high-quality pigmentation, so this palette is definitely worth the higher price point, especially since it is as comprehensive as the Profusion Full Face Palette, but with better quality. It also comes with brow powder and wax, which is hard to find in a single palette with eyeshadow.

shapematters smashbox.jpg

What are your favorite palettes to bring along when you travel? Let me know down below! And don't forget to share this post!

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