Friday's Outfit of the Day: A Jumpsuit for Tall Girls

It's Friday! We made it to San Diego yesterday, and if all goes as planned (since I'm writing this in advance), I am currently either sleeping in or doing some morning yoga, and will have my toes in the sand in approximately two hours.

If you'd like to see my actual OOTD today, head on over to Instagram later on, as I will likely be posting it either on my feed or in my stories. In the meantime, I wanted to share my favorite new jumpsuit with you!

jumpsuit ootd (1 of 4).jpg

Now, I should mention that at 5'9", I am tall, but not extraordinarily tall, which can make clothes a little awkward. The big problem for me is my freakishly long legs (both a blessing and a curse). My waist is also a little high, and I have wide hips, so finding affordable jumpsuits and rompers that fit is a almost impossible. I have to buy a larger size to fit my hips, but it's always gaping on my top half. Then there's the issue of literally everything looking like high-waters on me (seriously, high school was a NIGHTMARE).

So when I brought this jumpsuit into the dressing room at Target, I did not have high hopes. But, I was pleasantly surprised! It is a little large in the top due to the aforementioned issue, but not so much that it's unwearable. I will probably take it in a bit at a later date, but for now, it works! Hallelujah!

jumpsuit ootd (3 of 4).jpg

It has nice, wide legs, and a super lightweight fabric, so it's surprisingly cool, even though it's black.

I also love that the print is just enough to give a boho vibe without being overly hippie.

That being said, it also comes in a "yellow" paisley which is just god-awful IMHO. Thankfully I found the black one. I also snatched up another jumpsuit in a faux-silk, which is gorgeous, and I will definitely be sharing it at a later date.

jumpsuit ootd (4 of 4).jpg

Seriously, this thing is stupid comfortable. I feel like this chick, but I'll save you the crab walk.

Happy Friday! (Scroll on down for outfit deets)

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