A Shirt Dress and Trench for a Rainy Day

Happy Friday, dudes! It's time for the first OOTD post of May!

I'm not gonna lie, we have been getting some pretty garbage weather here in Austin this week. Eighty degrees and raining is not exactly my cup of tea. 


I was actually a little excited when it was drizzly out on Tuesday when we went to shoot, because it meant that I actually had an excuse to wear my Burberry trench. Which I haven't worn in a long time because I was too afraid my blue hair would bleed all over the precious gabardine. Talk about a bad time.

ICYMI: I posted my hair update on Instagram on Tuesday. Decided to work my way to the icy blonde that I mentioned in this post a couple weeks ago. Turns out the blue was harder to get out than I anticipated, so my hair is a teeeeeeeny bit dry now. :(

Thankfully it stayed just dry enough outside that we could actually get some photos taken, and it worked nicely for a cool, moody little shoot. Scroll down for more on what I wore!

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Striped Dress and Trench (1 of 11).jpg

We started off with breakfast at our favorite bakery in Georgetown (I'll be sure to do an actual review on them for you guys sometime). I had a spinach and feta croissant, but Abby opted for a chocolate croissant, so naturally, there was lots of face-wiping involved. Also, hubby and the boy shared a sausage-cheddar roll.

P.S.: Does anyone else still wipe their older kids' faces? Abby is four, so she's totally capable on her own, but sometimes it's little moments like these that you just have to stop and take advantage of. 

Striped Dress and Trench (2 of 11).jpg

Found this cool little strip of mirror where I was able to fix my lipgloss (because my dumbass never carries a compact). 

Striped Dress and Trench (3 of 11).jpg

Couldn't decide which picture I liked better, so you get two! Lucky you!! I was trying hopelessly to fix my hair here, as it was so humid that my curls went flat within seconds. Ugh.

Striped Dress and Trench (8 of 11).jpg

See? Hair looks like crap. Thanks, Texas.

Regarding the trench coat, I might be a little biased since I used to work for Burberry, but they really do have the best trenches. The water just rolls off them like it does off a duck's back. I'm wearing The Westminster here, which is a more relaxed fit perfect for daytime excursions in the rain.

I grabbed this cool pajama-esque shirtdress from the Old Navy clearance rack a while back for nine frickin' dollars.


I love Old Navy. I was actually able to find the dress on their website, but it won't let me link it because it's out of stock. Which, why even show it if it's out of stock? #shoppingproblems

Anyway, I've linked some similar styles for you down below that are also really well priced.

I paired the dress with the white mules that I posted about a couple weeks ago, since it was just lightly raining. These things are SO comfortable, and the soft white color paired with silver hardware makes them a great way to make any look instantly more chic.

The only thing I wish I could change about this dress is the length, since it's a little too short to be practical with kids, for me (but I have disproportionately long legs, so I imagine it would be fine for someone of average height). It would still be really cute for a date night with some heels, but no bending over! Haha.

Side note: I'm working hard on my summer bod, so hopefully I should have some slightly more tan and toned legs for you guys to peep in the coming months. Cross your fingers that I don't get lazy.

Striped Dress and Trench (10 of 11).jpg

Abby doesn't usually come with us on photo shoots (Grandpa takes her out on the town), so she likes hamming it up with me when she is there.

Also, she dresses herself much of the time, so yes, those are pajama pants worn inside-out under a tutu. My style is clearly going to live on through the generations.

That's all for now! Scroll on down for my outfit details, and have a great weekend!!

Much Love,


outfit details:

Dress: Old Navy, out of stock. Similar here, here, and here.
Trench: Burberry, $2090. Be sure to check the outlets for great deals on similar styles!
Shoes: Target, $23.
Earrings: Target, $8 for three pairs. Also in rose gold and silver.
Tote: Target, sold out in grey. Same style in brown, $30. Similar grey totes here and here.
Eyewear: Vogue Eyewear, $140. I got mine at Target and was able to use my RedCard discount, but they don't have them on the optical website, so try checking your local store.
Lips: Maybelline Vivid Hot Lacquer in "Classic" - $5