In-n-Out Burger and the First Outfit of Summer

What do you do when it’s hot AF outside and you haven’t eaten lunch, and you only have an hour to shoot your OOTD post? Head to In-n-Out for a quintessentially California photo shoot, of course. Because what goes better with denim cutoffs and flip flops than an Animal-Style cheeseburger?


Hubby’s been super busy this week, so we had to squeeze in a quick shoot on Wednesday before picking Zoe up from school. That didn’t leave us much time to go anywhere interesting, so I figured, what better place to go than In-n-Out? Cool retro decor, and they have some nice landscaping outside, so we were able to snap a few decent photos. I'm not gonna lie, a good portion of them were of me stuffing my face.

in n out burger


Also, I just realized that we have LESS THAN A MONTH until we go to California, so I figured this would be a great way to start the countdown. T-minus 21 days till liftoff! I’m half super-stoked because I cannot wait to go, and half freaking out because I still have so much to prepare for the trip and to get the blog on autopilot during our trip. Holy shiiiitttt.

Anyway, moving on to the outfit. It’s already in the 90’s here, deep in the heart of Texas (clap, clap), so it’s definitely shorts season, even though my legs are toooootally not prepared for it. Ya feel me? But I’ve decided not to care because it’s gross outside anyway. So, the solution is denim cutoffs, because they are easy, and an OTS top that keeps my shoulders breezy.

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innout (2 of 8).jpg

Abby wasn't too excited about the heat, either. She sat down with her milkshake next to me and didn't want to move. She's my sweet, patient one. <3

casual summer outfit

These Roxy sandals are my favorites to throw on for a quick stroll. They come in black, and white, as well as this nice cognac color, so there's a pair to go with literally every outfit.

innout (8 of 8).jpg

My bag is from Billabong and I've had it forever, so of course I can't find it to link for you. Good news is, I found a couple others that are just as cute (if not cuter!) and even less expensive, so I've linked those for you down below.

My top and shorts are both from Old Navy. They're my superhero store as of late.

innout (3 of 8).jpg

I've been wearing these sunnies and earrings on repeat lately. They're just so easy to pair with just about everything.

innout (4 of 8).jpg

Elliot had his very first In-n-Out burger, so I guess you can say he's been fully and officially initiated into the family now. I mean, how cute are those little burger-chompers? 

P.S.: His adorable (and messy) tee shirt is from Target. It's sold out, but there are some other super cute styles here and here.

innout (5 of 8).jpg

That's about it for today! Have a great Memorial Day weekend, and I'll see you on Monday!

Much Love,


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