My Mom Uniform

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mom style casual outfit

the mom uniform...

AKA, the go-to clothing a mom wears when running errands or going about her business on any given day.

We all have one. And they're as different as our personalities. Some ladies like to dress to the nines, some like to wear sweats. I think I'm somewhere in between with my uniform of jeans and a button-down.

If I'm just going for a quick errand, I'm usually in yoga leggings and a soft tee with a cardigan. If I'm out for longer, it's usually jeans and either a flannel or a lighter button-down like the one I wore for this shoot. Comfy shoes are also imperative to a good mom uniform. I prefer either flip flops or sneakers, usually.

Outfit deets are below!

dark high waisted denim black skate shoes

Jeans: Old Navy, $35
Bag: Forever 21, sold out. Similar here and here.
Top: UniQlo, sold out. Similar here and here.

casual button down black bucket handbag

We were hard up for spots to shoot, so we decided to stop at this random silo, and it worked out pretty well! At least I'm pleased with the way the shots turned out. Plus I got to hang out on an old semi, so that was fun.

women's black watch layered necklace pink sunglasses

The wind was actually (mostly) in our favor today, thank goodness. This is rarely the case in our town.

Sunglasses: Target, $15
Stud Earrings: H&M, $6
Necklace: Target, sold out. Similar here and here.
Watch: Cluseon sale for $50

dark lipstick side shave california tattoo

This one's more portrait than fashion-oriented, but I just love this old Freightliner as a backdrop, so I had to include it!

Lips: ColourPop Lippie Stix, in Tutu. Sold out, similar here.

skinny jeans skate shoes vans old skool

Shoes: Vans, $60

women's tattoo sleeve

You know an outfit is comfortable when you can hike yourself up on a set of semi tires! 

That's it for my Mom Uniform, what's your go-to?

Much Love,